Hello, I am Deiroe Sedai, Head Clerk and Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah at the Weaves of the Wheel Community. Today I am exploring my personal Fan Casts for Amazon’s Wheel of Time adaptation.

Welcome Weavers!

This is a completely biased opinion by a fellow WoT lover just like you! I’ve been working on compiling and cataloguing my favorite Fan Casts for Wheel of Time since I started reading the books in 2006! I welcome your critiques and thoughts lets Agree and Disagree it’s all gucci to me!

So lets begin! We start with the Forsaken, because there ain’t no party better than a Dark Side Party!

The Forsaken Ladies, by Ariel Burgess

I am going to go in Power order from the lowest to the Highest. Starting with the Queen of Spiders, the Mistress of Nightmares, you may know her as Moggy or Moghedien.

Moving onto the Lady of Lust, it’s Graendal….

Now time for the Baddest of Bad Teachers, Mesaana

Now the OG Dominatrix, she’s no mistress, she’s the MASTER of Pain, and you’ll love it whether you like it or not!

Ready to tempt you away from Ilyena. Our Lady Selene, Lanfear


I’m coming in with a second casting for Lanfear… 

For the Pretty Pretty Princess of the Forsaken who would be better for Cyndane than…

I would say FINALLY some dudes but don’t get too excited but it’s just Be’lal the Forsaken somehow more forgettable than Aginor and Balthamel.

Moving on to my personal favorite, the first Chaos Hawt Boi, here to charm your pants off with his fancy tunes Asmodean

So Real talk NO POINT in picking a fan cast for OG Balthamel I mean dude wore a shroud and couldn’t talk before he got himself BLASTED, so will skip to his ohhh so LOVELY reincarnation. *Wiggles eyebrows suggestively*

Old creepy dude, basically Pestilence of the Four Horsemen, just like the worst. Aginor.

Another YAWN Forsaken, blah blah not as good as Lews blah blah… It’s Sammael

Ahhh here is where is gets TASTY Boy wise, He don’t smile but he still stops hearts…it’s Demandred

The ultimate Ladies man, in that Ted Bundy kinda way heerrreeesss Rahvin

His eyes will burn a hole into your soul, but I am HERE for it!

The top of the food chain, the END all be all, end of the line TOP DOG Moridin

So there you have it, my top picks for our favorite thirteen (and their reincarnations). What’s your thoughts? Agree? Disagree? Do you have your own personal fan casts for these roles. Let us know in the comments below.

Until next time, may the Light illumine you

Deiroe Sedai,

Head Clerks of the Gray Ajah

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