Written by Suana Sedai, Amyrlin Seat at the Weaves of the Wheel community.

Looks like we might be building up to a big announcement, perhaps even our first trailer for Amazon’s Wheel of Time series, as we see more and more of these “leaked” set photos being shared across the fandom.

This such image found its way to The Daily Trolloc on Reddit this morning. While the focus is a little “off” we can clearly make out more of those banners we saw from the set photos leaked by Czech photographer Tomas Vojticsek.

L: New leaked set photo. R: Image captured by Tomas Vojticsek

Depicting the same colours and black bird, and now accompanied by 2 actors with Top Knots, this new set image is adding further fuel to the debate that we are looking at the official banner for the Borderland Country of Shienar.

Further more, we’re getting a glimpse at a secondary banner. Red and White with 3 running foxes, a sigil that matches that described to belong to Lord Agelmar of House Jagad, one of the 5 Great Captains and Lord of Fal Dara.

Interestingly, the design team appear to have based the design for these banners upon that of the Sashimono flags common in feudal Japan. Whether this is simply an aesthetic choice, or whether Shienar will adopt a similar culture and political system remains to be seen.

Sashimono flags from Pinterest

We can also see two men on horseback. The image of Agelmar’s banner man (who could very likely be a stunt double according to unnamed sources) is a little sharper and we are able to make out a little more detail of the soldiers amour.

The other image show a man who, while out of focus, looks very much like actor Thomas Chaanhing, who you might recall has been heavily rumoured to have filmed scenes in Prague for an unknown fantasy series this past month and shared a picture of the horse known as “Archie” on his Instagram.

From Thomas Chaanhing on Instagram

Could Thomas possibly be playing Lord Agelmar himself?

The scenes look very much like the Shienaran soldiers are preparing to leave for their defense of Tarwin’s Gap, a notable battle that takes place at the end of book 1 of the Wheel of Time.

What do you think? Could Thomas be Lord Agelmar? Or maybe another Lord of note, Lord Ingtar of House Shinowa?

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Until the next leak 😉

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    • It could be…. However still no official news and a lot of other reliable sources are painting a different picture of things. We shall wait until we have more concrete evidence 👍


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