On Sunday the 1st November, Director for Amazon’s Wheel of Time final episodes, Ciaran Donnelly shared with his Instagram followers an image of luggage in an airport with the caption “Time to come home!”

Following this revelation, many began to question whether Wheel of Time had finished shooting, or whether production had halted again due to the pandemic.

With Prague having tightened nationwide restrictions in response to growing Covid-19 cases on October 28th 2020, it led many to fear the worst, with some outlets prematurely announcing that production for the epic fantasy series had been shut down again, and even going so far as to state that it would not begin again until April 2021.

There is still no official announcement from the Wheel of Time production team regarding the claims of a shut down, however many sources are citing that in actuality, principal photography has ended, with only minor pick up shoots left to record and that this would not affect the schedule for the show.

Our own sources claim that production has been working on extra time for the last 2 weeks in a bid to wrap up filming early to avoid any further delays, so it rounds up well with information provided by Daniel Greene and The Daily Trolloc.

With Daniel claiming his sources stating only pick up shots are left to shoot (sources which we can assume are pretty reliable given that he has contacts with author of the final books Brandon Sanderson and Wheel of Time TV consultant Sarah Nakamura), it’s fair to say some of these shoots may not have been scheduled until April anyway, with scenery and such needing to look like early Spring to fit in with the plot of the story.

Further information will be posted as and when we hear, until then, rest assured that the Fantasy series is on schedule to air in 2021