For the wellbeing and safety of all at Weaves of the Wheel, we ask all members adhere to our code of conduct and that those using our 4th Age RPG and Storytelling platform follow the rules of roleplaying with other characters.

In the event of disputes, we kindly ask that members attempt to resolve any issues with one another in the first instance before involving admin, however, help is on hand if this has not been possible or in the instance of a serious rule break. If in any doubt, please contact the admin for clarity on rules. Ignorance will not excuse the breaking of these rules.

Please make sure to register your character in accordance with our game rules by clicking here

Community Code of Conduct 
(All members)

1. No members will be involved in any kind of bullying towards others within the Weaves of the Wheel Community. This includes, but is not limited to, any of our social platforms including our website, groups chats, private chats, posted content and shared comments. Harassing, rude or threatening language towards race, religion, body image or sexual orientation, or the repeated use of any rude or passive-aggressive names a person has excessively stated they are unhappy with will not be tolerated. 

2. When setting up a character with us, you will be required to complete a form with some basic information. This will include providing your real name and personal social media handle . We will also ask you to confirm if you are over 18. Those under the age of 18 will be required to disclose age and offered additional support where needed. This information is kept strictly confidential and is only accessible to an admin. The information is used for housekeeping only and to enforce the rules of the community, maintaining community standards and keeping the gameplay experience safe and fun for all members. 

3. All members reserve the right to their privacy inside the group – please respect our member’s rights to keep personal information private. Issues of privacy include: the sharing of real names, identity, and private messages. Sharing of a person’s age is only considered necessary where the safety of a minor (under 18) is in question. Please refrain from screenshotting and sharing private messages with the wider group.
Alternative characters: Please note, alternative characters reserve the right to keep their personal identity private, however alts will not be treated as new members and will be encouraged to disclose that they are an alt.

4. Admin will offer support in all WotW official group chats. An admin or community page will hold admin rights in any official group and will provide regular support and maintenance to these chats. Any issues that arise in non-official groups are not supported by admin and players use them at their own risk. Requests can be made to an admin to make a chat official. 

5. All community members are ambassadors of Weaves of the Wheel, and as such are expected to make their content accessible and enjoyable for all, no matter Race, Religion, Gender, Politics etc. The community is open to all people from nations and cultures across the world, and is built on trust and respect for all people. Refrain from posting anything that could be perceived as a hurtful statement about anyone due to the race, religion, gender, politics etc. racism, sexism, homophobia etc will not be tolerated in Weaves of the Wheel. 

6. Please refrain from using the public platform to air any complaints or displeasure towards other members or air any internal issues that ultimately discredit the community name. All complaints should be directed to an admin who will look to a suitable resolution. Please allow appropriate time for these concerns to be addressed. 

7. Content creators will be fully credited for any content shared on community pages, including the website and YouTube channel. Any content  approved for community platforms can not be  removed once shared except under special circumstances deemed by community creators. Please speak to WotW creators should any concerns on shared content arise. 

8. The use of the Weaves of the Wheel platform or hashtag is not permitted to be used to sell, or promote goods or services for financial reward, without express permission from WOTW creators. 

9. Redistribution of any Weaves of the Wheel materials, such as games, original art and logos, original names, titles and stories is strictly forbidden without express permission of the WOTW creators. Any use of Weaves characters outside of the WotW community is strictly prohibited without express permissions from the characters creators. 

10. Admin withhold the right to override decisions that are not in the best interests of the community and its members.

Storytelling and Roleplay Rules 
1. Behaviours and actions towards other members and their characters in storytelling must be consented to by all parties – this includes actions taken upon another character, such as killing another character or committing serious violence towards them, or actions of a sexual nature (including, but not limited to, kissing and groping). The age of consent for subjects of a sexual nature is 18 years old. Any members found to be participating in roleplay involving subjects of a sexual nature with anyone under the age of 18 will be expelled from the community immediately. 

2. Roleplay at Weaves of the Wheel is generally improvised. As such, members may jump in and out of the scenarios, events may take unexpected turns, and it may involve surprises. Members are asked to be flexible when participating in roleplay unless it involves non-consensual acts of violence or sexual nature (in line with rule 1). If you have concerns over the way a member is performing in RP chats, please speak to an admin. 

3. Events and character decisions (in storytelling) that may have an impact upon the general law of the land or other story arcs (such as events that impact geographies, politics, monarchies or timelines) MUST be discussed in worldbuilding and Lore and approved by the worldbuilding committee. Rules and gameplay for claiming monarchies are in place for all members to follow in the interest of fairness towards all story creators.

4. All storytelling characters are asked to submit a summary at the end of each story arc for the archives. These summaries will be published on our Instagram archives to help direct readers inside and outside of the community to your work. A template is available for all members to complete to ensure all necessary details are included. Should you wish to have your full story arc published in its entirety on the Weaves of the Wheel website, a story summary will need to be attached when submitted. 

5. All members are welcomed and encouraged to organise and run community events. Community events must be approved by an admin and open to all members, no exclusions. Events may also be open to guests where suitable. 

6. Elections for Faction Leaders will take place every 12 months. Exceptions will occur if a faction leader is AWOL for more than 3 months. Any pre-arranged absences will be considered on a case by case basis. Admin may appoint interim leaders where necessary without voting occurring. 

7. Elections for Heads of Ajah or other councils (across all factions) will take place every 12 months. Ajah and council leaders will be assessed after 6 months by their peers, and may request early election. A person may serve consecutive terms if re-elected. The same rules of absence apply. 

8. Voting of new leaders outside of voting periods requires approval from the admin. Any voting that occurs without admin approval is null and void. 

9. New factions or point systems may NOT be set up without permission from admin. A request may be made to community creators (Suana or Ren) to introduce new factions to the community. 

10. Commitments in storytelling – If you wish to leave a story arc that involves other members, please inform those involved and agree to a plan that enables your character to be written out in a way that minimizes impact to the others. This may involve your character being used as a non-playing character (NPC) for a number of posts. The rules of consent apply in this instance.