Currency in the Wheel of Time is measured in the following:

Copper Pennies

Silver Pennies

Silver Marks

Silver Crowns

Gold Marks

Gold Crowns

Tar Valon and Andor Marks are considered to be of higher value than Marks from other nations.

Actual monetary value is frequently determined by its weight in precious metals, since the content of coins from different nations does vary.



  • 10 copper pennies = 1 silver penny
  • 10 silver pennies = 1 silver mark
  • 10 silver marks = 1 silver crown
  • 10 silver crowns = 1 gold mark
  • 10 gold marks = 1 gold crown

*Players in the 4th Age – You can collect weekly wages in you faction game. Wages will vary depending on ranking and promotions. Please check your faction game for more information.