Created for The Weaves of the Wheel Community 4th Age RPG. Any player may gamble on the races, assuming they can cover the bets they make.

How to play:

The gamesmaster will select several horses to go head to head in a race. The images of the horses will be randomly numbered (for example 1 -6 if the race contains 6 horses) and will be shown to the pundits looking to bet on the horses.

The gamesmaster will then use a random number generator to determine the order the horses finish in the race.

How to place bets:

The gamesmaster will determine the buy-in for each race and this may vary. Gamblers will be given an allloted time in which to select their favourite horse (s) and place their bets. Players may bet against the house, or against each other.

Bets placed will be divided equally among the player who selected the winning horse. The Gamesmaster may take 10% of the overall value of bets from each game.