Created for The Weaves of the Wheel Community 4th Age RPG. Any channeler may participate in One Power Battles, however Novices and Accepted do so at their own risk. OPB’s may be used for testing within the Towers. OPB’s may also be used at Sunday Tournaments.

Using the Affinity Points System created by Weaves of the Wheel, 2 opponents may go head to head in a battle of the One Power. 

The opponents will be given 5 basic weaves, selected randomly by a gamesmaster from the Basic Weaves document to perform. 

Their affinities will determine their base score for the success of channeling the weave. A dice roll will determine if the Weaves lands. The person with the higher affinities required for the weave will hold an advantage but is not guaranteed a win. The player with the highest points (base score + dice) will be the one who succeed the weave. The channeler who wins the most rounds is the winner. In the event of a tie, the numbers collected in each round will determine the winner. 

How to play:

Each player must submit their affinity points board before the Weaves are selected. 

Using the basic weaves list (numbered), 5 weaves are selected at random by the gamesmaster using a random number generator. 

Each weave will list which affinities are required to perform them. 

The required affinities are added together, providing a base score for each weave for the individual player

A 10 sided dice is then rolled, and this number is added to the base score

The player with the highest score succeeds in performing the weave. 

The winner is the player with the most successful weaves after 5 rounds are completed. 

How to bet:

The gamesmaster will determine the minimum buy in bet for the game. 

The house will add the value in GM to the pot (for example if the minimum bet is 100GM, the pot will start at 100GM). 

The pot is added to by those betting, and is split amongst those who guessed the winner correctly. All bets must be placed before the game starts and the Weaves are selected. 

Observers may bet between themselves during the battle.