Created for The Weaves of the Wheel Community 4th Age RPG. Any player regardless of current points within the community may participate. This game is regularly used for Sunday Tournements

Show Jumping is a simple game using a 6 sided dice. It is best suited to new players, however it is a fun and easy way to gamble with your fellow players.

Players start with 20 points. The player at the end with the most points is the winner of the game.

Round 1 – The first hurdle.

Your horse is at a gallop and needs to succeed in overcoming a 1 metre jump.

What colour is the hurdle? (The Gamesmaster will choose a colour from the following at random before the dice are rolled)





Guess correctly, Your jump succeeds you earn 4 points 

Incorrect guess, the hurdle is knocked over on the jump and it fails. The failure leads to a deduction of 4 points. 

Round 2:  Roll the dice.

The number is added to your tally. Should you roll anything less than 2, you don’t earn any points, but rather lose 2 points. 

Round 3: The final jump.

High agility jump. Your horse must succeed in jumping a hurdle at an angle of 20 degrees. You must roll a 6 or your points tally is halved. The jump fails if your tally is halved

Final: Endurance

A sprint. The players can roll the dice 3 times. The dice are added together and added to the tally

The person with the highest tally at the end is the winner of the match.