This article summarises the events of Book 11 of the Wheel of Time – Knife of Dreams


Mat travels into Altara, and Moiraine Damodred is located in the custody of the Aelfinn and Eelfinn. Attempting to escape Altara, Mat meets his supporter and comedic foil Talmanes, who has brought a large number of Mat’s personal army (the Band of the Red Hand), which contends against a Seanchan force sent to kill Tuon, using fireworks as artillery. After a series of debates, Tuon marries Mat, giving him the Seanchan title ‘Prince of the Ravens’ ostensibly to assure a marriage of convenience. Thereafter Tuon returns to Ebou Dar to destroy the treacherous High Lady Suroth and assume command proper of the Seanchan.

Rand arranges a meeting with the Daughter of the Nine Moons to negotiate a truce; but a large-scale battle against a horde of 100,000 Trollocs and Myrdraal ends almost disastrously, when Lews Therin (Rand’s alter-ego) seizes control of saidin. Thereafter Rand forges a truce with Lews Therin. The meeting with Tuon comes to a grisly end upon Rand and crew discovering Semirhage, disguised, in her place. In the ensuing battle, Semirhage is captured at the cost of Rand’s own left hand, and reveals that the mental disorder that allows him to communicate with his past self, is almost universally fatal.

Perrin disperses the Shaido threat and rescues his wife Faile using an alliance with Seanchan Banner-General Tylee Khirgan. To overcome the large number of Shaido Wise Ones, they lace the Shaido water supply with Forkroot herbs, which impedes channeling the One Power. Rand’s adoptive father Tam arrives with reinforcements from the Two Rivers. In the course of the battle, Perrin’s protege Aram dies while attempting to kill him. In the rescue of Faile, the Aiel Rolan is killed by Perrin, although he and other Aiel had helped Faile and her friends during captivity, unknown to Perrin. Sevanna is captured and the Shaido, defeated and disgraced, are led by Therava back to the Aiel Waste, with the Black Sister Galina Casban in tow.

Egwene is captive in the White Tower, but holds contact with the rebel Aes Sedai through Tel’aran’rhiod. Despite harsh disciplining she spreads rumors and doubt in the White Tower about Elaida’s suitability as Amyrlin. Both the rebels and the White Tower send Aes Sedai to the Black Tower to bond Asha’man (the rebels as an offer from Rand to counter the number of Aes Sedai bonded to Asha’man).

Loial is married and speaks to the Ogier of his stedding, that they must assist the human armies. Thereafter Loial and his mentor Elder Haman wield axes during the Trolloc attack. Lan Mandragoran rides to Shienar to fight; but Nynaeve al’Meara takes him to the coast of the Aryth Ocean at World’s End in Saldaea; thence goes herself to recruit Lan’s scattered countrymen.

Galad Damodred kills Eamon Valda for allegedly killing Queen Morgase of Andor, and becomes the leader of the Whitecloaks, as which he determines to fight alongside Rand’s followers. Elayne Trakand becomes Queen of Andor. Mazrim Taim meets with a group of Red Ajah from the White Tower, and agrees to their proposition: since Sisters were taken and bonded against their will by certain Asha’man, an equivalent number of Black Tower initiates should be bonded by sisters.