It appears momentum is growing over on The Wheel of Time twitter account as this Wednesday (February 17th 2021) they treated fans to another behind the scenes clip.

In a tweet simply captured “Where the Shadow waits” The Wheel of Time official twitter account gave fans their first glimpse at the ruby hilted dagger.

The video starts with ominous sounds over a black screen, then a script page that’s mostly blurred appears. The visible line reads “And inside, he sees something protected from the ravages of time – a ruby-encrusted dagger”

The script dissolves to show a dark hallway inside a massive stone structure. A dim light shines through a window, showing rubble lying on the floor.

We then see a man’s hands opening a gold box. From the box, he removes the dagger as a voice says “Alright, let’s make a deal.” The video then ends with a shot of something mysterious that quickly fades to black.

With some fans dubbing it ” The best reveal ever!”, actor Christopher Sciueref, who will play Abell Cauthon on the show confirmed with a tweet that it was “Good to see actual footage from the show”, only adding to the hype of the clip.

What did you think about this teaser from The Wheel of Time? Is the dagger how you imagined?

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