This article summarises the events of Book 5 of the Wheel of Time โ€“ The Fires of Heaven


Devastated by Rand al’Thor’s revelation of their true history, the Shaido Aiel attack Cairhien, with the aid of the Forsaken Sammael. Rand prepares to attack the Shaido but first spends time in the Aiel Waste, learning from the former Forsaken Asmodean and becoming closer to the Aiel Maiden Aviendha. In the same area, Egwene al’Vere continues her studies under the Aiel Wise Ones. Later, Rand leads his Aiel forces to defeat the Shaido, in the Second Battle of Cairhien. Mat Cauthon uses his memories of past generals to act as a commander and win numerous battles, eventually killing the Shaido leader Couladin, whereupon the Shaido Aiel retreat.

Following Elaida’s coup in the White Tower, she names Alviarin as her keeper and resolves to capture Rand. Meanwhile, the Aes Sedai who oppose her establish themselves in Salidar. Learning this, Min Farshaw, Siuan Sanche, Leane Sharif, and Logain Ablar travel to Salidar. A suspicious Gareth Bryne pursues them, but after learning the situation, he forms a tentative alliance with the Salidar Aes Sedai.

Nynaeve al’Meara and Elayne Trakand, along with Thom Merrilin and Juilin Sandar, flee the chaos of Tarabon and also travel towards Salidar. Along the way, they face many dangers such as Whitecloaks, Moghedien, and Masema Dagar, who now calls himself Rand’s “prophet”. Along the way, the hero Birgitte is expelled from Tel’aran’rhiod and joins the group, and Elayne learns how to create ter’angreal. They eventually reach Salidar with the help of Galad Damodred, who is now a Whitecloak.

The Forsaken Rahvin, masquerading as Lord Gaebril, has been mind-controlling Queen Morgase Trakand of Andor. She realizes this and escapes, but she is falsely proclaimed dead and Rahvin replaces her as ruler of Andor. To remove Rahvin from power, Rand prepares a small Aiel strike force to invade Caemlyn. Before he can do so, Lanfear attempts to kill him; but Moiraine Damodred grabs Lanfear and both topple through a ter’angreal, which is then destroyed, and both presumed dead. Thereafter Rand attacks Caemlyn, but his channeling triggers a trap set by Rahvin that kills all of his companions. Rand chases Rahvin into Tel’aran’rhiod. Nynaeve, who is battling Moghedien in Tel’aran’rhiod, is almost defeated, but with the help of Birgitte, traps Moghedien in an a’dam. Nynaeve then uses Moghedien’s power to aid Rand in his battle. Rand then destroys him with a tremendous burst of balefire, which revives Mat, Aviendha, and Asmodean. However, Asmodean is murdered almost immediately afterwards by an unknown assailant.

Spoiler warning: Whilst never officially confirmed within the books themselves, Robert Jordan confirmed in interviews, that it is the Forsaken Graendal who kills Asmodean.