This page documents all the known Weaves and Talents of the One Power within the World of the Wheel of Time.

During the 4th Age, new discoveries with the One Power have been made, and as such have been added to this list. Any listing entitled *NEW* is of the creation of community members and not associated with the Bandersnatch group. These new discoveries are checked by a worldbuilding panel of community members to assess whether they fall in line with the canon and magic system of the books before being added to this page.

*Members playing in the 4th Age – These Weaves and Talents are free to use by all community members assuming they have earned the required affinity points to do so, or have registered their Talent/s. Please check the required affinity points for each Weave under the RP and Dice Games Tab.


Align the Matrix:

The ability to create Power-wrought weapons and even strengthen metal. To create a power wrought weapon, the weaves must be infused into metal as it is being forged. 


Air control: (Also known as Hardened Air):

The ability or Talent to understand, control and manipulate Air with more ease and dexterity than usual. You can create weapons of hardened air, for example. Air control can grant the channeler the ability to hover in the air for brief moments.


Arrows of Fire:

An intricate weave of Earth and Fire which causes small filaments of superheated material to fly from the channeler’s fingertips.


Aura Locate:

The ability to know the composition of another person or animal’s scent. Similar to Detect, Aura Locate allows a Channeler to know when a certain person/animal was in an area recently, or in which direction he or she had gone. 


Aura Reading:

This Talent enables you to see auras and visions around a person’s face and these visions are always prophetic.



When a target is struck with Balefire, its thread in the Pattern is destroyed, in an amount proportional to the power of the Balefire strike. This translates to both the target’s existence, and actions up to a certain point, being retroactively erased. Excessive use can cause the Pattern to unravel. As such, Balefire is a forbidden weave.

Blocking a Gateway:

Requires incredibly strong threads of Spirit + Fire. Those who possess this Talent can hold another’s closing gateway open, even those formed from the opposing power. You can also prevent an opening gateway from fully forming. This is different from pre-emptive prevention of a person opening a gateway in your location.



Blood boiling:

Requires threads of water and fire. Fairly self explanatory. The user is able to raise the internal temperature of the victims bodily fluids, causing extreme pain and eventual death. A weave considered incredibly dark and of the shadow. It is not taught in the Towers, and its likely only a skilled Healer would have the capability to perform. 


*NEW* Cardiac arrest:

The ability to induce cardiac arrest in a victim. Delicate threads of air are navigated through the bronchioles and into the Alveoli (tiny sacs) of the lungs of a victim, stretching and expanding them beyond the natural capacity. The air pressure can then be manipulated to torture, and increased to cause the tiny sacs to “pop”. Blood then fills into the lungs, applying pressure to the heart, altering its natural rhythms. This eventually results in the victim’s death. The user often describes hearing the popping sound of the Alveoli bursting. ~Weave designed by Amava al’Vaem and Valmai Sedai~


Caressing the Child:

This weave has similarities to the complex Five Powers Healing. An exploratory weave of Spirit, Fire and Earth produces a hum in the mother (like an ultrasound?) which gradually increases in volume. Then if there are any problems, different weaves are used to correct them, if possible. The weaves work best if the mother is very warm


Cause pain:

The ability to cause widespread pain. Intricate threads of Fire + Spirit are woven into a fine net and placed upon the pain centres of the brain of the victim. The strength of power used is proportional to the amount of pain caused, and can be increased and decreased. *Weave designed by Suana Sedai based on that briefly meantioned in the books*


Cloud Dancing:

The ability to control and manipulate weather patterns over a large area. User must be strong in Water and Air.


Cloud Forming:

The ability to create and form clouds, mist and fog. Weave is used to darken skies, or create mist or fog across the land to hide among. Useful in battle or for escape.


Compulsion: (Mild)

Requires small amounts of all five powers to subtly influence and suggest to an already trusting person. Will not work against a strong willed or defensive individual.


Compulsion: (Strong)

Compulsion is a complex weave of Spirit streaked by Water and Air that is placed on the brain in layers. It makes the victim feel love, devotion or worship for the channeler so that they do the channeler’s will. Strong Compulsion causes mindless devotion, which erases mind and personality of the victim.


Cool Weather: (Large Scale)

Manipulate atmospheric pressure to cool the weather on a large scale.


Cuendillar (making):

Cuendillar is an almost indestructible substance. It absorbs any force attempting to break it, including the One Power, and is believed to become stronger as a result. Cuendillar objects have been shown to be unharmed even by balefire. The creation of Cuendillar objects or weapons, requires 2 separate weaves, placed upon an iron core. The molecular structure of the iron is altered, but the core must first hold the shape of the object of Cuendillar you wish to make. For example, if you wish to create Cuendillar armor, the armour must first be forged from the iron. The first weave is formed of Earth + Fire + Air, spun into a fine net which encases the iron core. The second weave is formed of Earth + Fire to infuse the object, ultimately solidifying the iron to become Cuendillar. 



Deathgates are a weave that opens and closes gateways very rapidly, sending them speeding along the ground. Any Shadowspawn that pass through these Deathgates die because the Death Gates are constructs of the One Power, and Shadowspawn cannot survive such a trip. Like with a typical gateway, a Deathgate’s size is determined by the amount of Power the user can hold. 


Delving: (To determine health)

The ability to discover ailments of the body or mind, that require healing.



The ability to detect and bring up certain stones and minerals from beneath the earth. As a Talent, the user will also have the ability of working with metals and ores. 



The ability to know the composition of antidotes or food, no matter how faint. A channer needs to have only seen the ingredient once.


Disperse Cloud and Lightning:

The ability to clear the skies of heavy cloud, mist or fog. The user will also be able to divert lightning storms to another location. 



The ability to gradually and slowly cause a Channeler to lose contact with the One Power. This causes slow loss of contact with reality, going crazy and often into severe depression.



The ability to dream prophetic dreams about what will probably happen. The dreams can be difficult to interpret. 



The ability to enter Tel’aran’rhiod and enter other people’s dreams with strong proficiency.


Duplicating Ta’veren:

The ability to duplicate the chance-twisting effect of ta’veren (though in a very small area rarely covering more than a few square feet). The effects do not last beyond a few minutes. 


Earth Singing:

The ability to understand, control and manipulate Earth with more ease and dexterity than usual. Involves controlling movements of the earth; for example, preventing, or causing, earthquakes or avalanches.



Seeing visions of possible futures while awake. These visions are open to change and may not always come to pass.


Fire Blossoms:

The ability to create a bar of fire less than the width of a large man’s forearm, and about ten feet tall. These “bars of red” as they are often described, sometimes make a high pitched whining sound. When another flow of Air is added in, these bars explode to thirty feet across, incinerating and throwing enemies across the battlefield. They have the ability to kill enemies up to one hundred paces away, though the effectiveness at this range is limited.

*NEW* Fire Dancing:

Talent to manipulate weaves of pure fire. Differs from usual forming of fire threads as the wielder is able to form and manipulate the threads without thought or even sight. Channelers with this Talent will be unusually strong in Fire, even where considerably weak in the other powers (In fact, channelers with this Talent will have considerable weakness in at least one of the other 5 powers). Females with this Talent are able to hold fire in their hands, something only associated with Saidin Channelers  – created by Suana Sedai


Flame of Tar Valon:

Counter weave to Balefire. The weave is able to fill the void in the pattern, created by the Balefire weave, with tiny crystals. Further more, the Weave is able to block an attack from Balefire, should the channeler weaving the Flame be drawing more of the One Power than the attacker.



A gift of the True Power only. Not possible with the OP.



The ability to foretell future events, but in a general way. Fortelling is a major Talent. Foretelling is passive; it doesn’t come on while channelling, yet only channelers Foretell. Foretellings can be hard to interpret, even if seemingly clear. Visions found in a fortell will always come to be. 


Healing (Advanced):

A Talent when a person can heal easily using all five powers, regardless of their strength in the 5 powers. This method of Healing was rediscovered by Nynaeve al’Meara


Healing (First aid/ Traditional):

The method heals everything in the body at once, nothing can be left out. It eliminates all physical ailments at once using the patient’s body energy for the Healing. This method was used as a battlefield first-aid during the War of Power because only this method could heal injuries inflicted by a Myrddraal’s Thakan’dar-wrought blade.



This Talent allows to make someone or something real although it is not. (To hide someone’s identity with Illusion is called Mirror of Mists.)


Infusing The Object:

The ability to create a Spirit link between two objects, providing the ability to feel the emotions of the person who has the other object. (Requirement: Relative strength in Spirit, Fire and Earth).


Inverting Weaves:

After they are woven, weaves can be inverted so that only the channeler can see them



With this Talent the channeler is able to protect a perishable object and keeps it permanently fresh. It requires Spirit, and sometimes Water flows.


Listening to the Wind:

The Talent of foretelling the weather and predicting the abundance of crops.


Reading Residues:

A channeler with this Talent can read the residues in uses of the One Power. Some of these readers can even track and duplicate a weave days after it was woven.


*NEW* Saidar- Sight:

This is a Saidin only Talent, that grants those who can channel Saidin, the ability to visibly see the Weaves of Saidar. This Talent was discovered by Anaya Sedai. 


*NEW* Saidin – Sight:

This is a Saidar only Talent, that grants those who can channel Saidar, the ability to visibly see the Weaves of Saidin. This Talent was discovered by Anaya Sedai. 



It’s the Talent to feel the evil of the Dark One, the Shadowspawn, the afterimage of balefire and the truth. Gaidin could feel the evil from the Shadowspawn too through the bond with their Asha’man.



Only considered a Talent if done without thought or any prior training in the One Power. The act of blocking someone from the One Power with a weave of Spirit.



This Talent gives the ability to open a gateway to a dark dimension (not well defined or understood), move through that dimension, and open another gateway back into the real world in a different location. Anyone of sufficient strength and knowledge can Skim. Skimming requires detailed knowledge of the place one is Skimming to and weaves of all the Five Powers: Air, Fire, Spirit, Earth, Water.


*NEW* Soul aligning: 

The ability to heal issues of the mind. (Requirement: Strong in Spirit).


Spinning Earthfire: 

Presumably a weave of destruction that refers to creating lava. (Requirement: Strong in Earth and Fire).


Ta’veren Seeing:

The ability to see the pattern shifting around those who are Ta’veren


Ter’angreal, making:

The ability to create a ter’angreal. (What is made depends on the affinities of the creator).


Ter’angreal, reading:

The ability to discern the purpose of a ter’angreal. Must be strong in Spirit



Only considered Talent if done without thought or training. The Talent gives the ability to open a gateway directly from one location to another. Anyone of sufficient strength and knowledge can Travel. Traveling requires detailed knowledge of the place one is Traveling from. Gaining sufficient knowledge takes several hours. However, when Traveling a very short distance almost no knowledge is needed. It is not necessary to face the direction that you want to Travel, but for some it helps. It requires flows of all the Five Powers: Fire, Air, Spirit, Earth, Water.



A new talent to Asha’man and extremely rare. The ability is mostly unique to the Ogier. It allows them to stimulate the growth of plants, usually trees, through the use of special songs. It also allows them to use different songs to control the growth and to communicate, in a fashion, with the plant; Treesingers are known to produce extremely distinctive, valuable wooden crafts. They are able to make these wooden crafts without in any way harming the tree, “pulling” the shaped wooden artifact out of the tree without hurting it.



The ability to pick apart a weave so as to leave no evidence of it behind. This is dangerous, since if a mistake is made the collapsing weave could do anything from devastating the area, killing or burning out the channeller or anyone else nearby, or nothing at all. The most visible thread of the weave to be unwoven is pulled loose as far as it will go and this is continued until there are no more threads. The more threads that have been unpicked, the easier the other threads are to see. After unweaving has proceeded for a while, the threads become very slippery and hard to hold or grip.