One can argue that the Wheel has turned many times since the release of The Eye of the World on January 15, 1990. At the latest turn, on July 27, 2021, Orbit Books UK dropped 15 new book covers (don’t forget New Spring!) for the Wheel of Time series.

Credit: @orbitbooks_uk on Instagram

Slated for a September release, the covers have been designed by Duncan Spilling from the Design Department of Little Brown Book Group. The new covers draw inspiration from ambient landscapes, mirroring the title of the particular book. The writer of this article found the cover of Towers of Midnight to be the most tasteful, while New Spring’s one left much more to be desired.

Now whenever new covers are released for a book series, usually the talk revolves mostly around the artwork, but with the impending release of the Wheel of Time TV series on Amazon Prime, eyebrows have risen at Orbit’s choice to keep the original series logo at the center of each book instead of the TV series logo.

Could it be because Amazon holds all the rights to use the new logo? Or maybe Orbit just wants to offer the unblemished, original visual experience to the new (and the old) readers? One thing is for sure, many readers would find the “TV-show-stickers” at the front to be a bit of an eyesore.

Eagle-eyed fans on Instagram also drew comparisons to the Song of Ice and Fire re-releases by Harper Collins in 2014, leaving question as to whether this was a deliberate choice to attract the already established “Game of Thrones” audience, or if this has become the standard of the fantasy book genre in modern times.

We put it to a poll over on our Instagram, wheeloftimecommunity to find out how you felt about the book covers. With more than 500 votes, the answer was a resounding win for Orbits new covers.

So, September 2021. Will you get a new set for yourself? Let us know which one is your favorite?