The Wheel of Time from Amazon Prime Video has been in production since the Fall of 2019.

Having fallen victim to a number of delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and an ultimate shut down in production, it left fans nervously debating whether they were ever going to see the adaptation of this beloved series on their screens.

With a serious lack of news regarding a release date and a trailer, it appeared less and less likely that it would hit our screens this year.

That was until now..

The official Wheel of Time and Amazon Prime Video social media accounts released this short clip on what has fondly become WOT Wednesday.

Here is the clip if you have not seen it yet:

First shared on Twitter and then shortly afterwards on Instagram, the 22 second clip has sent the online wot community in a frenzy.

In what appears to be a potential opening credit scene for the TV series, viewers are shown scales that loop in a clockwise direction for three rotations before two letters appear on the screen which rotate and become the letters W and M and begin the formation of the words “The Wheel of Time”. This is followed by the serpents head becoming visible before biting its own tail.

Here’s are 5 things our community members spotted and discussed about Amazon Primes new Wheel of Time logo.

Number 1: SERPENT or DRAGON?

Is this a snakes head biting its on tail or that of a Dragon? Looking closer the head appears to be larger and squarer than that of a snakes head, which is traditionally slimmer and triangular. This head resembles that of a Chinese Dragon. A dragon or snake would be accurate for the show as the major focus of the show is that of The Dragon Reborn, while the serpent generally represents the Aes Sedai and the great serpent ring. Does this possibly hint at a merging of the serpent and dragon symbols, or does it suggest that the Aes Sedai will serve as a greater focus plot to the show?
Which ever one it is, we shall wait in anticipation for the reveal.

Number 2: RELEASE DATE…?

We have a release date. Well, almost. Not an exact date but we have conformation that it will be released in 2021! It has been two years since we first received news that the show had started filming and even though we do not have the exact date, the fact it will be released in 2021 and we are half way through the year, makes it good news for the WoT fandom.

We also have confirmation of Eye of the World book reissues from both Tor (US Publishers) and Orbit (UK publishers) that may also hint towards a more exact release schedule. Tor have confirmed their release to be on September 28th 2021, while Orbit will release on November 4th. While this is 5 weeks apart, it perhaps offers us a window into the marketing schedule for the show. Perhaps we will see a trailer in September and an air date of November? Time will tell all.

Number 3: THE FLAME

The Flame of Tar Valon is seen in the opening few seconds. A neat trick of the light shining on the scale showing the flame before it becomes part of the scales of the serpent.

The serpent and the flame are shown, which leaves little doubt this logo is representative of the Aes Sedai. What this may mean for the show remains to be seen, but could we possibly be seeing faction style logos like that of the Game of Thrones house symbols? Is more to come?

Number 4: TEL’ARAN’RHIOD…?

As the serpent coils around it looks very similar to the chapter icons for the dream world Tel’aran’rhiod. This then becomes the whole serpent with the Wheel of Time text across the symbol. This may just be a coincidence, or could this mean that the dream world will be involved in the TV show from the very beginning?

We do know that the Dark One and Ishamael haunt the dreams of the three Ta’veren, as Moiraine asks Rand this after the events of Winternight in the Eye of the World. It does then beg the question how will they adapt the dream world to differ from the real world. Two favourite fan theories suggest; one it could be in monochrome (black and white) and secondly that it will have an effect as if you are under water. Which would you prefer if any?


After the release of the clip by Wheel of Time, they instantly changed both their Twitter and Instagram logo. It appears that the ever-present symbol we have grown accustomed to since the Eye of the World was released on 15th January 1990 is no longer to be associated with the show.

The Wheel has, for all intents and purposes, been left out of the design, while a greater focus has been placed upon the Ourobrous, or Great Serpent, an ancient symbol often referenced throughout the series to “predate even the Wheel itself” 

Amazon’s decision to focus on the serpent over the Wheel may further indicate that the Aes Sedai, and in particular Oscar winning actress Rosamund Pike as Moiraine Damodred will serve as the “leading roles” in their adaption of the Wheel of Time.

Finally the fandom noticed something else on the official logo used by the Wheel of Time Twitter and Instagram handles. This was the phrase “Kodome calichniye ga ni atha’an aman hei” – Here is always welcome for the people of the Dragon.

In the Wheel of time companion guide the phrase Aes Sedai has been substituted for Atha’an (meaning people) Aman (meaning Dragon). We suspect his will have more relevance as the shows goes on and we have our Dragon Reborn.

What do you think to the changes made by Rafe Judkins and Amazon Prime? And exactly when will we see the first episode? I will be making sure my Amazon prime account is active and ready.

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