Created for The Weaves of the Wheel Community’s 4th Age RPG. Any player who has collected weapons points may go into a weapons battle. This game will be used at Sunday Tournaments and for general duels.

Using the Weapons Points System created by Weaves of the Wheel, a minimum of 2 players will go head to head in a fight with the weapons from all the categories available. The winner will be determined by the roll of a dice. There will be 6 rounds, one each for the 6 categories: Blades, Ranged, Spears/Pole-arms, Hammers/Axes, Exotic, Unarmed. The warrior who wins the most rounds is the winner. In the event of a tie break, one extra round shall be played with the players’ chosen weapons.

Fighters and observers may bet on the outcome of the fight using WotW Currency.

How to play:

The player will test weapon against weapon (example sword V sword) and the outcome will be decided by a roll of a 20 sided dice

Each player will get 1 roll of the dice

For every 10 points on the board for that weapon, the player will get an additional roll of a 6 sided dice, for which the amount will be added to the initial roll. = example: 10/50 in sword will give the player 1 roll of the 6 sided dice to be added to the amount rolled on the 20 sided dice.

The dice will be rolled by a gamesmaster (a neutral party, on Discord this may be a bot) and will be rolled in rounds to allow players to roleplay between.

The highest dice roll wins that round. The gamesmaster should pause between rounds to allow the players to roleplay accordingly.

If one player has more dice rolls than their opponent (see game example) those dice should be rolled first to give the player with the highest weapons points a base number to build upon.

How to bet:

The house (neutral party who runs the game) will decide the minimum buy in depending on the importance of the match. For example, it’s encouraged that the minimum buy in for test fights, or early tournament matches be lower and the buy ins for finals be much higher. The minimum buy in should always be above 10GM and 100GM.

In the example below, the minimum buy in would be 80 Gold Marks (GM henceforth).

The house has set the minimum buy in at 80GM. This means there will already be 80 GM in the pot that those betting on the fight can win.

Those placing bets on the outcome of the fight will have their GM added to the pot, and the pot will be split equally between those who correctly predicted the outcome of the fight.

The fighters themselves may also bet on the outcome of the fight, and may fight for or against themselves. The gamesmaster may not bet on any outcome and MUST remain neutral.

These bets must be finalised before the first dice is rolled.

Observers may also bet among themselves before and during the fight. This is determined by the individual and is the responsibility of the individual to settle bets.


Fighters will receive coin for participation. The winner will win GM equivalent to the total weapons points of both opponents (in the example below, 80GM). The loser will earn GM equivalent to half of their own points for the weapon used in the fight.

The gamesmaster will earn 10% of the total pot taken in bets.

Game example:

Player 1 has 50/50 and Player 2 has 30/50 in Blades, the first round will be that of the blades.

Player 1 has 5 rolls of a 6 sided dice + 1 roll of a 20 sided dice to achieve the highest number, and Player 2 has 3 rolls of a 6 sided dice and 1 roll of a 20 sided dice.

Player 1 gets 11 in the d20 roll, and gets 3, 2, 3, 1, 5 in d6 rolls, so the total is 25. Player 2 gets 16 in the d20 roll, and gets 6, 3, 4 in d6 rolls, so the total is 29. Player 2 wins the round.

In case of a player having 0/50 points in a category, that player will only get 1 roll of a 20 sided dice.

The minimum buy-in to bet on this fight is 80 GM (simplified for a single round, the number will be counted for all 6 rounds). Bets must be taken before the roll of the first die. It is the responsibility of the gamesmaster to ensure bets are completed and to keep track of the bets placed. Bets between observers are kept track of individually.

Player 1 has an advantage of 2 additional roles. The gamesmaster will roll these dice first, and give player one a base number via screenshot or recording.

The game will then begin by rolling the first die for both players. The results should be shared with the group via screenshot or recording. The gamesmaster will then pause to allow for roleplay.

In discord, we recommend using a bot to role the dice which will share the results in the chat.

The gamesmaster will then announce when the next round is to begin. The 6 rounds for 6 different weapons categories are completed and the winner is announced.

In the event of a tie, the players will get to choose one category each. They can be the same for both the players or can be different, and an extra round is played according to the rules.

Once the winner is announced, the gamesmaster will determine the winners and split the coin accordingly. It is the responsibility of the individual members to keep track of their wins and losses and update their coins tally.