The Wheel of Time social media for Twitter and Instagram today shared confirmation that the Showrunner for The Wheel of Time, Rafe Judkins, will be taking the virtual stage at San Diego comic con at home (Friday 23rd July to Sunday 25th July) to share exclusives for their long awaited show.

Accompanied by a motion logo, bringing together the letters W. O. T to form the brand new logo, released last week in an official announcement, The Wheel of Time confirmed news of a live panel that will available to watch online on the Comic Con YouTube channel

Amazon and IMDb will host a panel to introduce a host of new shows on Friday the 23rd July starting at 11am PT, and first up is The Wheel of Time.

The program schedule from, states that The Amazon panel will be hosted by Tim Kash, who will lead the panelists through their own stand alone series conversion, filled with illuminating discussions and exclusive assets drops and announcements.

Asset drops generally means visuals such as teaser and full trailers, and considering that San Diego Comic Con is an ideal audience for promoting fantasy media, it seems increasingly likely that The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime will drop its first trailer during the weekend of 23rd July 2021.

More to follow…