Death masks in trolloc cookpots, declarations against being avocados, and curiosity over whether or not the Greens can truly claim the title of BATTLE Ajah are just a few of the things you will find in this episode along with a ton of spoilers, so if you are not all the way through the series, you may want to skip this one for now. The passing of year in podcast land is no small feat and we celebrated with our friends in a raucous live chat, veering away from our the books for a moment to focus more on the upcoming TV series and took questions for our first AMA.Thank you to everyone for being with us through this year! We couldn’t do this without you, our friends and travel companions.

Road to Tar Valon
Written by Road to Tar Valon
A delightful blend of sweetness, smarts and sass. Join hosts Amber and Traci as they make a cross continental connection every week, researching, breaking down, and celebrating Robert Jordan's epic Wheel of Time series bit by bit. An excellent source for new readers and long time fans alike!