Warders are nearly as mysterious and feared as the Aes Sedai they are bonded to, and with good reason.  In this episode we ask some crucial questions: what does a Warder get out of being bonded, how do Aes Sedai and Warders handle the trauma of a broken bond, and will Amber’s idea for fan-cloth fashion cuts take off? 

First half of the show is spoiler free, second half is where the spoilers come out to play. Thanks for joining us! 

Road to Tar Valon
Written by Road to Tar Valon
A delightful blend of sweetness, smarts and sass. Join hosts Amber and Traci as they make a cross continental connection every week, researching, breaking down, and celebrating Robert Jordan's epic Wheel of Time series bit by bit. An excellent source for new readers and long time fans alike!