Heads up, FULL SPOILER episode!  There were just too many ideas floating around in our reaction to the new Amazon Wheel of Time teaser trailer for us to keep spoilers from seeping into the conversation.  We know you’ve watched it already, and, if you’re like us, you have maybe lost track of how many times you have rewatched it.  This was such a fun experience!  We had several of our listeners join us for the live chat we hosted on our Discord server, adding to the conversation in the best way possible.   

Thank you for joining us!

Road to Tar Valon
Written by Road to Tar Valon
A delightful blend of sweetness, smarts and sass. Join hosts Amber and Traci as they make a cross continental connection every week, researching, breaking down, and celebrating Robert Jordan's epic Wheel of Time series bit by bit. An excellent source for new readers and long time fans alike!