The Wheel of Time on Prime just dropped a 20 second teaser featuring fan favorite Alvaro Morte (La Casa de Papel) as the enigmatic Logain Ablar.

Dubbed “The self-proclaimed Dragon Reborn” we’re breaking down our best look yet at The Professor in his latest role.

Breakdown by Haem Norolin


The trailer opens with Logain approaching two visibly afraid Ghealdanin soldiers, who are fully justified for being afraid! But how do we know that they are Ghealdanin?

By their shields of course! We get a close view of the shield one of them is carrying, which has Ghealdan’s unmistakable banner of three silver stars on a red field. The soldiers then throw two spears at the source of their fear and run in the opposite direction.

Alvaro Morte Logain

A soldier in chainmail and rounded gunmetal helmet looks to charge at a target. There is another soldier just visible behind holding a red shield with 3 white stars


Logain does what he does best, he nonchalantly weaves Saidin to break the spears thrown at him.

Now, this is the most intriguing part of the trailer.

In the previous trailers, we’ve seen numerous Aes Sedai weaving Saidar, but this is the first time we see Saidin being weaved.

The black saidin threads certainly make themselves distinguishable from the white saidar threads. But if we take a closer look at Logain’s weaves we see the underlying white threads which become entwined by the black. Could it be that the black threads signify the Taint of saidin?

If so, that would definitely produce a strong contrast on the screen.

Camera angle from below of Alvaro Morte as Logain facing forward. There are some black chains visible going around the back of Logain, but he is channeling. A white streak and a thicker black streak entwines his wrists


Next up we see a bound Logain being paraded through Tar Valon. We can identify Tar Valon based on the puppet show in the background which was spotted in these earlier leaked set photos.

Logain locks his gaze with the onlooking Mat. Book readers may catch the references here with Mat being a Ta’veren and Logain’s Talent to see them.

This scene confirms both Mat and Logain will be in Tar Valon in season one of the show. Something that doesn’t happen in the books until the third instalment.

Alvaro Morte Logain in a cage looking up and to the side. His black hair hangs around his shoulders. He wears a green shirt with a red and brown jacket over the top. There is a gold embroidered dragon on the collar.
In the background, there is a puppet stage slightly out of focus

In the final scenes as the narrator says “His strength is more than anything I’ve ever seen”, we see a montage of the things we’ve already seen in the first teaser trailer: Logain breaking the Shield put upon him and an enraged Stepin attacking him while he sits inside a barrier.


One thing is ever present in this trailer though: an embroidered dragon on the collars of Logain’s garb. Is it a foreshadowing of what’s to come later?

Alvaro Morte Logain faces forward looking through the bars of his cage. Golden dragons on the collar of his jacket which is red and brown.
A title on the bottom of the image reads "Logain. The selfproclaimed Dragon Reborn"

What’s your reaction to the trailer? How do you see Logain’s story progressing in the TV show? Are you excited to finally see Saidin weaves?

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