Watch the latest exclusive Wheel of Time clip released on Amazon Prime video and YouTube now.


The new 1 minute Wheel of Time clip focuses on Moiraine’s quest – her journey to find the Dragon Reborn. We get a range of new shots, including Shadar Logoth, the attack on Winternight, Perrins Forge and Moiraine’s great serpent ring.

In the clip we hear of Moiraine’s 20 year search to find “The Last Dragon” who has been reborn. She speaks of how in the last Age. the Dark One was trapped by the Dragon at “the cost of almost everything.” and now the Dark One waking once more.

We learn that she heard the secret of the baby’s rebirth 20 years ago and her desperation to find them.

She does not confirm that she is searching for a male, lending weight to the fan theory that Egwene may considered as the Dragon.

This is further bolstered in the last shots when Moraine asks “Who is the Dragon Reborn?” and the 3 boys and Egwene flash upon the screen. Zoe Robins “Nynaeve” does not feature.

Check it out for yourself now on Amazon Prime Video.

This writer will be at MCM London Comic Con this weekend checking out the exclusive Wheel of Time Experience, so stay tuned for updates on our YouTube, social media and website.