Wheel of Time Fans! If you’ve been wondering whether or not Amazon’s adaptation of your favourite series is going to give us the epic tale of Lews Therin Telamon and The Breaking during season one, we may finally have the answer!

Newly leaked images from episodes 7 and 8 give us our first look at Alexander Karim as Lews Therin Telamon otherwise known as The Dragon. The man who faced the Dark One during the Age of Legends, who many blame for the Breaking of the World.

Take a look below:

First look Lews Therin Telamon

Alexander Karim
Alexander Karim as Lews Therin Telamon – Credit: Amazon Prime Video

Swedish actor, Karim (The Box) will appear in the final episode of season one titled “The Eye of the World” which will air on Christmas eve.


Also credited on episode 8’s IMDb page is Katie Brayben, who will play Latra Posae Decume. Latra was the opposing voice against Lews Therins plan to attempt to use the One Power directly to re-seal the Bore, a hole in space and time where the Dark One is able to touch the world from his prison and spread his evil among mankind.

However, Latra was in favour of another plan that involved using 2 sa’angreal, known as the Chodean Kal to create a force field around the Bore until a safer method was discovered to trap the Dark One away.

Latra was the driving force keeping the female Aes Sedai away from Lews Therin and the male Aes Sedai.(known as The Hundred Companions) as they attempted to seal the Dark Ones prison. Because of this, only the male half of the One Power (saidin) was tainted by the Dark Ones counterstrike that day.

While Lews Therin’s plan was successful, the counterstroke was fateful. All male channelers would descend into madness over the coming years, leading to them totally decimating the world around them.

The Dragon would be remembered as “Kin Slayer”. The man who killed everyone he knew and loved, before destroying himself and the landscape around him. The mountain of Dragonmount now stands where he ripped the earth apart in his rage.

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