As Amazon Prime’s The Wheel of Time steamrolls ahead with its 7th episode today, we’re looking back at the first 6 episodes of season one and picking our top 5 favourite moments from these episodes so far.

This article contains spoilers for the first 6 episodes of season 1 of The Wheel of Time.

Number 5: Thom, MAt and the Aiel (Episode 3)

Episode 3 was full of truly great moments, and our first introduction to Thom Merrilin the Gleeman, played by Alexandre Willuame was right up there.

Yes, its a different introduction from the one we get in the books to this fan favourite character, but no less impactful.

This version of Thom Merrilin, who prefers a guitar solo over the the harp and high-chant, performs the song The Man Who Can’t Forget.; the words to which are sure to give chills to anyone familiar with the opening prologue of ‘The Eye of the World‘.

But it’s his interactions with Mat Cauthon, played by Barney Harris that truly stole the show.

While Mat contemplates stealing the possessions of a dead man, left to hang in a cage at the gates of Breen Spring, Thom has arrived to cut the man down. After a little back and forth between the pair, and a few threats exchanged for good measure, Mat admits to Thom that he is there to rob the dead Aielman.

While we expected judgement from Thom, or even maybe a small lecture on the moral implications of such actions, Thom instead offers sympathy and understanding. He claims “we’ve all fallen on hard times” and turns his back to allow Mat to take what he needs. In exchange, Mat must help Thom bury the dead. A bond is shared and the connection between the pair had us emotionally invested in both characters in this single scene.

What’s more, we get our first introduction to the Aiel people, with a little Water and Shade thrown in for good measure…


One of the best scenes of episode 4, was the warder camaraderie at the campfire, in particular the tale of “Lan Mandragoran, the sh!t horse tamer”.

After Nynaeve shuns the Aes Sedai tents for the warders fires at the campsite, she joins Stepin, Lan, Maksim and Ivhon for what proves to be an eye opening introduction into those who serve The White Tower.

Stepin tells Nynaeve the tale of how Lan, the greatest swordman of a generation was bested by a horse. The general mirth and banter had even the stoic Lan smiling at the retelling of this story. Nynaeve seems at ease for the first time since she caught up to Moiraine and Lan and is getting fresh insight into the man she tired to kill back in episode 3.

This whole scene was full of laughter, mainly at the expense of Lan who takes it in his stride. Nynaeve even joins in on the banter by sharing that she tracked Lan all the way from the Two Rivers.

The interactions between the warders have Nynaeve questioning all that she believed about the Aes Sedai. Surely if these men can stand alongside these women, they can’t be all bad, right?


We have to admit after seeing early images of Loial the Ogre….sorry Ogier… before the episode aired, we were more than a little concerned. He seemed too small and the blonde hair was well… blonde! But more than that the wig and facial hair just didn’t look right.

But when Hammed Animashaum, who plays Loial son of Arent, son of Halan appeared on our screens for the first time in episode 5, we didn’t even notice the height or the wig anymore. Because Hammed was nothing short of magnificent in the role of the beloved Ogier.

His slow yet deep voice was perfect and his words ‘sang in our ears’. His interactions with Rand are spot on. The subtle nuances in his voice as he continued in his conversations while those hasty humans spoke over him was a real acting master class from Animanshaum.

We are looking forward to seeing more of Loial in the next episodes. In fact just give him his own spin-off already!


Child Valda is the villain we love to hate, and boy did he make an impact in his introduction in episode 2.

Eamon Valda, played by Abdul Salis, is enoying dinner and a show during the opening scenes of episode 2.

His dinner? A small cooked bird which he eats whole resulting in some blood coming from his mouth. The show? An execution of an Aes Sedai.

“There is a brutality to the dish” he describes to the Aes Sedai who is tied to a stake, her mouth is gagged and her hands missing as she is being torched in the name of the Light. The man then takes his trophy, a ring which he takes from the finger of her already removed hands, before sitting back at his table to enjoy his drink as he watches the woman scream as she burns to death.

This is a far cry from the Children of the Light we meet in the books, who would prefer to put an arrow in an Aes Sedai from a distance. But it’s fair to say, it is a welcomed change.

Number 1: Nyaneve the raging Sun (Episode 4)

A worthy winner in this top 5 moments of The Wheel of Time, in what is arguably the best episode of the season so far.

After the Aes Sedai drop their shield on the False Dragon, Logain Ablar’s when his army attacks the camp, Logain lashes out and kills Kerene Sedai.

When her warder Stepin enters the cave to find Kerene’s body, he lifts his axes and lunges at Logain. Of course, he can’t see the weaves of the shield that Moiraine and Liandrin are attempting to place upon him and his axes meet the One Power, only to shatter the metal and send the fragments flying around the cave.

While the pieces miss Nynaeve, they strike Moiraine and Liandrin, and fatally wound Lan who lies on the ground choking on his blood. This sends our healer Nynaeve into a frenzy as she unknowingly reaches out to touch the power and heal everyone in the cave, saving Lan’s life.

Nynaeve, the strongest female channeler for 1000 years burns bright like “A raging sun” leaving Logain in awe and giving opportunity for the Aes Sedai to strike and gentle him on the spot. In true Nynaeve fashion, its not just her strength that is raging, but her temper too.

It was truly an amazing scene. Well done Zoe Robins, a great performance.

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