Weaves of the Wheel: A Wheel of Time Community

Welcome, fellow Wheel of Time Fan! Have you ever dreamed of swearing the Three Oaths as an Aes Sedai, or earning the sword and dragon pins of an Asha’man? What if you could test your prowess against the best fighters in the Westlands and earn the Heron Mark? Or would you be seduced by the Shadow?

Welcome to Weaves of the Wheel, a Social and Entertainment platform for Wheel of Time fans, which allows you the chance to become a part of the world of the Wheel of Time, and reach the heights of glory you had only ever read about before, and all available in your Instagram inbox. 

There’s a whole world right at your fingertips, new friends, new stories, and new adventures await you on your journey through the Westlands. 

The Wheel Weaves the Pattern of an Age yet to come, and the legends of that Age will be decided by you.  

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