Weaves of the Wheel is a fan-run Wheel of Time community. Every member involved contributes to the community in various ways and Weaves of the Wheel would not be the incredible community it is, if it were not for every member, past and present, who has contributed to its growth.

To meet all of the playing members in in our community, please head over to our Community Characters page.

This page recognises the people who are responsible for building this community and for those who currently volunteer a significant amount of their time to enrich and maintain a wonderful community experience for all who join us.


Suana / Zoe – The Creator

Founder, co-Host Weaves of the Wheel Podcast and Water and Shade

An over-KAFfinated Mother, Scientist, YouTuber, Podcaster and Community Mum. Definitely was a Drag Queen in another turning of the Wheel. Fell into the Void after finishing A Memory of Light, and so Weaves of the Wheel was born. Yellow Ajah Bubble. Collector of comic books. Lover of Star Wars, X-Men and Kevin Smith movies. Desperately seeking more sleep.

Ren / Nate – The Dark One

Founder, Community Administrator, co-Host of Weaves of the Wheel Podcast and Coplin Talk

Shaitan, Father of Lies, Sightblinder, Lord of the Grave, Lord of the Twilight, Shepherd of the Night’s flocks, Heartsbane, Soulsbane, Heartfang, Old Grim, Grassburner, Leafblighter, Father of Storms, Caisen Hob, Lighteater, Soulblinder.

Enjoyer of Anime. Fan of Liverpool Football Club. Believer that Han Shot First

Helena / Marija – The Amyrlin “Call me Mother” Seat

Amyrlin Seat, Community Administrator and co-Host of Coplin Talk

Joined the community in March, 2018; in search of others bound to the Wheel. Content writer and technical translator, former jewelry designer and radio host. Likes to take floating power naps in the Adriatic. Drinks Tremalking Black with lavender, honey and cream. Mother to humans, cats and plants. 

Mai / Sam – Designated Ogier Little Spoon

Community artist, Community Administrator, Archives Curator and co-Host of Water and Shade.

Joined the community in 2019. Behavior analyst, Ent-Wife, and author. For funsies, enjoys : hiking, rock climbing, writing, running, and playing with my 2 puppies..

Haem / Adnan – Lurks in the Night

Lord Second of the Asha’man and Community Administrator

Started with the community in February, 2020; bless the Instagram Explore Feed. When I put down the phone – Mechanical engineer by fate and policy analyst by choice. Like to collect watches and pampering my bike. Leg-day enjoyer, no0b gamer. Asha’man in mind and in flesh.

Rris / Carol – President of the Lan Fan Club

Discord Administrator, Memer Extraordinaire and Warder Master

Joined the community in 2019. Graduating political journalist, institutional social media manager and press assistant. Removing the heels and putting on the flip flops however, I’m a serotonin-driven fiction enthusiast. Writing and drawing have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Dog mom, casual gamer and keeper of only irrelevant information. The ride-or-die exasperated friend with odd skills and little sleep. Your go-to Warder.



Joined the fandom chats years ago, but joined the official community in 2020. As a software developer, I fulfilled one of my life wishes contributing to a global Wheel of Time community with my skills.

Have fun here✌

Anaya Din Eolen Strongstorm

Founding Member of Weaves of the Wheel, The “First” First Selector

Let me tell you about a beginning. Some years ago, in a nordic land with lush green hills and grumpy leprechauns, a wind rose near a spot for air-travelling. The wind led the young Windfinder in a bookstore, to a fantasy paradise of 14 no 15 books. There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the wheel but it was a beginning. 

As the last battle came to an end, a great bleakness befell the Atha’an Miere. In her search for more she found other fellows in that misery. They decided to let the wheel turn again and so the 4th age was born.  That is how I came to be, Anaya din Eolen Strongstorm, Sitter of the Hall and Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah.

Zerah Dacan

Founding Member of Weaves of the Wheel, The “First” First Reasoner

Hello Bubbles! I am the person behind Zerah. My name is Jené and I am a huge Wheel of Time fan. I created Zerah as a way for me to become part of the series I loved so much. I am also an artist and a writer and in my free time I am found with books or paintbrushes in my hands.

Rob Stoneshield

Founding Member of Weaves of the Wheel. Red Hand Leader and Ride or Die Warder

Greetings, I am Rob, the real face of Rob Stoneshield. I joined Weaves of The Wheel after being recruited by the wonderful creator Suana (Zoe.) I am a huge fan of WOT and love being able to continue the journey of the wheel through writing and role playing. I’m a huge outdoorsman and continue my love of the outdoors as my chosen career as a Game Warden for the last 19 years and find some of my writing ideas from my career path and my time spent in the Army.  “Dovie’andi se tovya sagain.”