Things to Know 

Who Can I Go To For Support? 

Faction leaders are here to offer in game support. However should your query relate to community structure, relationships or feedback, please make contact with an admin 

All admins can be contacted via @weavesofthewheel 

Community admins: 

Helena M’Sherman Marinye @helena.sedai 

Mairig Narev @mai.narev 

Haem Norolin @haem_norolin 

Discord admin: 

Rris Malsani @malsani.rris 

Community creators: 

Suana el’Sunur @theyellowajah 

Ren Tyan @the_blacktower 

What are the Factions*? 

The White Tower (Aes Sedai) 

The Black Tower (Asha’man) 

The Warder Yard 

The Underworld Network (Shadow, Eyes & Ears, Wilders, Swords for Hire i.e. Band of the Red Hand) 


*All the factions are open to all genders. 

What are the available platforms? 

WOTW is fully established as an Instagram-based community, however we have a dedicated server in Discord & website for forums and roleplaying. Currently, Storytelling is only available via our Instagram community. 

I keep hearing about timelines & the 4th Age. what does it mean? 

The 4th Age is where the storytelling members write and play their stories. This time period is known as ALB, After Last Battle. 

● Timelines are applicable to all characters who are participating in storytelling. 

● All storytelling members must be alive and aged at 200 ALB. 

● All official RP chats are based around 200 ALB unless otherwise stated. 

● All WOTW stories and world building begin at 150 ALB and may go up to 400ALB. 

● Community developed histories (from end of books to 150 ALB) are available on the website and in google docs. These histories are for helping the characters to build their back stories and for entertainment purposes. 

General FAQ’s 

Do I Need A Separate Instagram Account To Join? 

While not essential, a community character account is highly recommended for several reasons: 

➢ You will be added to multiple group chats, designed to replicate various locations in the Wheel of Time world we have created. 

➢ A character account will allow you to fully immerse yourself into your character making RP interactions more realistic. ➢ A character account will present your chosen character name to the people in your group chat, making it easier for them to recognise you. 

➢ A community character account will make it easy for a WoT fan audience to find and follow you. 

➢ A community character account will make it easier for you to post community and WoT content to that audience. 

Use of our Instagram fan chats do not require a separate account. Users may also join our discord server without character set up. 

What Basic Information do I need for my Character? 

Choose a name for your character 

➢ This can be your own name 

➢ Or click here to use a name generator 

Choose the nation your character is from 

➢ All members join us as a Civilian of the Westlands. You will first join your countrymen in your chosen nation chat. ➢ You will move into your chosen faction at your own pace, however you will always remain a part of your nation group. ➢ We recommend this map, for visual help finding towns and cities within the nation. 

Find a Face Claim 

➢ While not mandatory, it is helpful for identification ➢ Characters in WOTWs can choose a face for themselves by which they will be known in the community. You can choose a celebrity or a fictional character that suits your preference. ➢ Be sure to check the sheet to make sure your choice is not currently in use. 

Final notes 

➢ Characters must be original. While we encourage taking inspiration from your favorite characters, we ask that you refrain from playing as book characters so that we may protect the authors original vision. 

➢ In the interest of fairness to all participants, powers and skills are earned as you spend time interacting with the group. No character begins their journey fully trained and all powerful. The more you interact, the more powerful your character will become.

How do I navigate the Roleplay?

Roleplay at Weaves of the wheel is generally improvised and players may jump in and out of character. Guided roleplays will be announced in event format before beginning. It is important to remember when seeking roleplay interactions with others to first set the scene to attract others to join you.

Role Playing Suggested Formats: 

You: I crossed the room to her thinking she looked pretty, “Hello 



You: *Crosses the Room to her, thinking she looked pretty* Hello 


** – denotes action and thought 

“ “ – denotes speech 

( ) – denotes player is speaking out of character 

Chat Acronyms to know: 

OOC – Out of Character 

RP – Role Playing (interacting as your character)

PC – Player Character

NPC – Non Player Character

OC – Original Content

OOT – Out of Timeline 

ALB – After Last Battle