A Wheel of Time Podcast from the Wheel of Time Community, Weaves of the Wheel.

Join hosts and long time readers, Suana Sedai and Asha’man Ren Tyan, as they take their first audiobook journey through this epic series.

A show for new and old readers alike!

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Join long time readers, Suana and Ren on their first audiobook journey through the Wheel of Time. On this weeks episode, we're travelling to the al'Thor farm for a quaint little Winternight celebration. Expect strong language!
  1. Episode 3: Winternight
  2. *BONUS* An Audience with the Amyrlin Seat
  3. Episode 2: Strangers and a Gleeman, Dragons and a Peddler
  4. Episode 1 – Dragonmount
  5. Episode 0 – An Beginning….

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