The Last Battle was not the ending… There are neither beginnings nor endings. But this is a beginning….

Welcome, fellow Wheel of Time Fan!

Have you ever dreamed of swearing the Three Oaths as an Aes Sedai, or earning the sword and dragon pins of an Asha’man? What if you could test your prowess against the best fighters in the Westlands and earn the Heron Mark? Or would you be seduced by the Shadow?

Welcome to Weaves of the Wheel’s 4th Age RPG and Storytelling game. The worlds fastest growing Wheel of Time roleplay game that allows users to weave their threads into the pattern of a new Age, and reach the heights of glory you had only ever dreamed about before. Available on the worlds most popular and accessible social media platform, Instagram.

There’s a whole world right at your fingertips, new friends, new stories, and new adventures await you on your journey through the Westlands. 

Whether you’re here to become a channeler, a great warrior, or pledge your allegiance to the shadow, every member begins their journey with us as a civilian of the Westlands. 

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As a civilian, you will choose your original character name (you may use your own name or you can create one using a name generator), and choose the nation to which your character belongs. 

Do you stand for the Great Lion of Andor? Does the Golden Crane fly? Or maybe you await, serve and obey as part of the Hailene? Once your nation is chosen, you will join your countrymen who will help set you on your chosen path.

Whether you’ve roleplayed before, or this is your first time, our game is easy to follow and suitable for all experience levels. Plus our friendly group of members are waiting to help you get started and answer any questions you may have.

Join us, earn your titles, and share your passions with other Wheel of Time fans from around the globe. Whether you’re an artist, writer, content creator, or just enjoy participating in discussions with other fans, Weaves of the Wheel welcomes you to become a part of our growing community. 
The Wheel Weaves the Pattern of an Age yet to come, and the legends of that Age will be decided by you.  

Please review our rules and register your character here

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The Warder Yard
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The Shadow (UW)
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