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What is Weaves of the Wheel?

Weaves of the Wheel is a social and entertainment community platform for Wheel of Time fans, which allows its users to fully immerse themselves in the world of the Wheel of Time. Whether you’re seeking other fans for fun discussions and radical theory sharing. Wanting to keep up to date on all the news and gossip from the up and coming TV show. Looking for awesome fan made Wheel of Time content from artists and creators, or are a creator yourself hoping to find an established sharing platform for your content. Or you’re keen to visit the Westlands and journey the lands to see what you’d become as part of our RPG – Weaves of the Wheel has it all and more, and with the ease of modern social media platforms, it is fully accessible to all.

There’s a whole world right at your fingertips, new friends, new stories, and new adventures await you on your journey through the Westlands. Find the best platform for your needs below and click the icon to join.

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Instagram is our largest community platform, offering users our unique and fully realised RPG and Storytelling game based in the 4th Age some 200 years after the Last Battle. This platform allows for live roleplay chats and stunning visuals and storyboarding. Check out our instructions on how to play to see what you could become in the new Age. Instagram also host a number of fan chatrooms open to all, for live discussion and socialising 24/7.

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Travel through the Portal Stone and onto our incredible Discord Server. Whether you’re a new or long time reader, our server has been designed to accommodate all. It is also the home of our exclusive podcast chats. Want to get a taste of roleplay without committing to a character or storytelling? You can jump right in and earn rank just by being active. Its the easiest way to become involved with the community.

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